SQUARED – IDEA is a Montreal based studio developing and publishing comics. Started by Mike Wilcox and Cristopher Nicholson, the studio is creating stories that will introduce readers to expanding universes and engaging characters. Squared – Idea was born from the love of telling stories. The guys would get together and create these tales they loved and wanted to see on paper. They would have many nights, where they would sit down and draw characters that would star in these adventures. Combining these two elements, the guys formed SQUARED – IDEA in early 2015. 

The studio name comes from ‘two guys having an idea’. It’s an important philosophy that they want to show with every work released with SQUARED – IDEA. For the time being, the studio will create and release their own comics, tales that both Mike and Cris have worked on either as a solo project, or as a collaboration. And not just between the two. Their talented friends have joined in their quest to bring these stories to life, adding fresh ideas and beautiful artwork. Eventually, they want SQUARED – IDEA to become the link that will help amateur artists and writers develop their stories and talent into a physical page. They want to help out the dreamers and storytellers to develop an idea. They want the artists to help visualize that idea. They want to be the bridge to give life to that idea.

SQUARED – IDEA is not just about comics and graphic novels. With our partners, they are looking into extending content from paper to film, expanding these stories in a different medium. More details in the coming year but they are very excited to have this opportunity.

The studio is excited to release it’s first two titles in the coming year and they are welcoming you to take this journey with them. They will be travelling across Canada to promote their comics and welcome the chance to meet and engage their fans. Don’t forget you can also follow them on Facebook and Twitter for up-to-date news.

So, do you have an idea?